Concept of Consumer Surplus: Meaning and Importance

Concept of Consumer Surplus

The concept of consumer surplus is important in economics. Consumer surplus is defined as the difference between the willingness of a consumer to pay for a product and the actual amount that the consumer ends … Read more

Agricultural Economics : Importance, Nature, and Scope

agricultural economics

Agricultural Economics is an applied field of economics in which principles of choice are applied in the use of scarce resources such as land, labor, capital, and management in farming and allied activities. In this … Read more

Entrepreneurship Development Programme, advantage & 6 types

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Entrepreneurship Development Programs are primarily concerned with developing and motivating entrepreneurship talent and grooming him to be an effective entrepreneur. The Industrial Service Institute (ISI) under the Department of Industrial Promotion launched the EDP for … Read more

Agriculture Marketing in India: Types, Problems, Importance

Agriculture marketing In India

The Process of Buying, Selling, and Distributing Agricultural Products, such as crops and livestock, from producers to consumers called as agriculture marketing in India. It includes all the activities involved in getting the products from … Read more